Posted By Tim Mcmath On Jul 5, 2017 7:45:00 PM
Lately There Have Been A Lot Of Email Viruses Circulating. Read How To Prevent Getting A Virus Below.
To Protect Against Phishing Attacks(Email With Attached Documents), We Recommend The Use Of Cyber Security Best Practices Including:
  • Never Click On Links, Download Files Or Open Attachments In Emails (Or On Social Media), Even If It Appears To Be From A Known, Trusted Source.
  • Watch Out For Shortened Links, Place Your Mouse Over A Web Link In An Email To See If You Are Being Sent To The Right Website.
  • Use A Secure Website (Indicated By Https:// And A Security “Lock” Icon In The Browser’s Address Bar) To Browse, And Submitting Sensitive Information Online, Such As Credit Card Details.
  • Sweep Your Networks And Applications For The Exposures Relating To The MS17-010
  • Continue To Educate Employees About The Dangers Of Phishing Attacks
  • Evaluate Your Security Vulnerabilities
  • Ensure You Have A Comprehensive Security Posture Deployed Across Your Organization
  • Have A Sound Backup Strategy That Allows You To Recover Compromised And/Or Encrypted Files
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